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  • Instant clumping

  • Clumped tightly

  • Super low dust

  • Strong odor lock-in

Product Features

Use high grade natural sodium-based sand.
Advanced dust removal technology, ultra-low dust, air permeability and high expansion, rapid water absorption and agglomeration, lock in odor, and comfortable feet bring a pleasant experience to cats.

Fine and uniform particle sand, clean and low dust.
The scent is extracted from plants, which is more deodorant.
Patented activated carbon formula, embedded deodorizing factor, plus deodorizing particles, good deodorizing effect.
Super high-quality agglomerated cat litter, highly effective coagulation.
Add Ag+silver ion antibacterial agent, the antibacterial effect is remarkable.

Triple Function

3 dust cleaning processes

Pour the cat litter, no dust.
Shovel cat feces without dust.
Reduce the respiratory diseases of the masters, accompany each other, and be healthy for each other.

Triple deodorization process

Using triple deodorization process
Eliminate, not cover
Strongly eliminate ammonia and peculiar smell in urine.

Ag+ silver ion coating technology

Adopt silver ion coating technology to form a tight network layer.
As a generally recognized non-toxic and harmless bacteriostatic agent, silver ion inhibits harmful bacteria in cat urine, making it safer and more effective.

Sterilization and deodorization ~ better

Inhibit coliforms
Inhibition of Staphylococcus aureus
Remove hydrogen sulfide
Suppress the spread of odor

Strong agglomeration, less consumption

Efficient adsorption and deodorization, strong wrapping, not easy to stick to the bottom, easy to clean
Small gaps, fast water absorption, firm agglomeration, less dosage, and higher cost performance


1、Bentonite cat litter quickly agglomerates when exposed to water, so it should not be put into the toilet or other sewer pipes to avoid blockage.

2、Wash your hands immediately after touching the used cat litter.

3、Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children to avoid accidents.

4、Bentonite cat litter is dry garbage before and after use.

5、Bentonite cat litter should not be used in electric washable litter boxes.