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Product Features

High grade natural sodium-based sand.
Advanced dust removal technology, ultra-low dust, air permeability and high expansion, rapid water absorption and agglomeration, odor lock-in and comfortable at the cats’ feet for pleasant experience.

Fine and uniform particle sand, clean and low dust.
The scent is extracted from plants, which has more deodorant.
Patented activated carbon formula, embedded deodorizing factor, plus deodorizing particles, good deodorizing effect.
Super high-quality agglomerated cat litter, highly effective coagulation.
Added Silver Ions (Ag+) antibacterial agent, the antibacterial effect is remarkable.

Triple Function

3 Dust Cleaning Processes

Ultra-low dust: no dust from pouring and turning sand,
Reduce respiratory diseases, cares for your cat and your health.

Deodorization & Aroma Technology

Added activated carbon particles. Activated carbon spongy pore structures effectively absorb organic smell (ammonia smell from faeces and urine)
In addition, an aromatic formula is added to release a light natural fragrance.
After encountering water,the fragrance is more released, tastes fresher and an improved deodorization performance.

Ergonomic Design

Silver Ion (Ag+) Coating Technology

Form a tight network layer, silver ions are considered as non-toxic and harmless antibacterial agents, safer and more effective antibacterial.

Sterilization and Deodorization ~ better

Inhibition of coliform bacteria,
Inhibition of staphylococcus aureus,
Removes hydrogen sulfide,
Suppresses the spread of odor.

Powerful Deodorization

Strong Agglomeration, Less Consumption

Fast water absorption, firm agglomeration, small gaps and strong wrapping;
Non-stick bottom, easy to clean, less consumption;

Product Specifications

Brand: Starsand
Net weight:10LB(4.5kg)/20LB(9kg)
Fragrance type: fresh fragrance
Particles: small
Features: clean and dust-free, efficient deodorization
Applicable cats: all cats
Shelf life: 36 months
Recommendations for use: Pour this product into a litter box, spread it 5-8cm thick, and clean it every day.

Shovel Easily


1. Bentonite cat litter quickly agglomerates when exposed to water, so it should not be put into the toilet or other sewer pipes to avoid blockage.
2. Wash your hands immediately after touching the used cat litter.
3. Please keep it out of reach of infants and young children to avoid accidents.
4. Bentonite cat litter is dry garbage before and after use.
5. Bentonite cat litter should not be used in electric washable litter boxes.

Baby Comfort!


    Instant clumping


    Clumped tightly


    Super low dust


    Strong odor lock-in

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