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  • Scientific ratio

  • Low dust

  • Strong caking

  • Meltable

Good cat litter made by scientific mixing

Natural ore bentonite accounts for 30%

KittyCARE spherical sand uses high-quality bentonite, which is processed through modification and special processes.
Add STA deodorant particles to firmly lock in odors and deodorize strongly.
Compared with similar products, the process is unique, the granulation is beautiful, the specific gravity is light, the dust is less, the water absorption performance is excellent, the agglomeration strength is good, the odor is effectively deodorized, the odor is absorbed, the growth of fungi is strongly inhibited, and the health of pets is protected.

Food grade tofu sand accounts for 70%

The raw materials used are all Grade I, food-grade dried tofu residue, added corn starch, clean and low dust, no worries even eaten by cat.


Scientific ratio, mix out deodorant sand

Adding STA particles can deodorize even better. Abundant micropores, absorb odors, and use technology to reduce odor diffusion.

Instantaneous water absorption

Small particles of bentonite fill the gaps in the tofu, making the clumps firmer, enveloping them more comprehensively, and making the clumps stable.



Packing: 7L*2 Net weight: 10.5 kg/carton

A good mixed cat litter should have the following properties:
1、The ability to absorb water and agglomerate is upgraded again: The small particles of bentonite cat litter just fill the gaps in the tofu cat litter, increase the water contact area, effectively prevent the water from slipping away, and make the clumping stronger and the package more comprehensive.
2、Low amount of dust: Bentonite cat litter is more dusty. Mixed tofu cat litter can effectively reduce friction and is more conducive to cat's breathing health.
3、Net smell and deodorant: Keep the air fresh, with a touch of milky fragrance.
4、Good water solubility: It is more uniform with water and can be dissolved well in water.
5、Non-stick bottom: Comfortable foot feel, non-stick cat's claws, reducing the cat's carry out.