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Today KittyCare super star Coffee is the chief experience officer of Xiaochao Life,A comprehensive evaluation of KittyCARE tofu cat litter will be conducted to reveal the secrets from the four dimensions of dust, smell, water absorption, and melting degree.,Is this cat litter worth buying?





  Dust test



The most basic dust test must be carried out first. As we all know, the first point that all good cat litter must have is: Less dust。


I directly pour the whole bag of cat litter into the cat litter box, there is basically no dust during the dumping process. The air is clean and you won’t feel choking.






   Odor test



Cats are very sensitive to smells, but because many shit scavengers like the smell of fragrance, they choose too strong fragrance when buying cat litter, which will make cats repulse the litter box.


CoffeeNo rejection of the taste of this cat litter,will take the initiative to sniff, a little curious and like。



When the cat smells it, it eats up, and the shoveler can rest assured,The raw materials used in this cat litter are all Grade I materials, food-grade dried tofu residue, and corn starch added, no worries even eaten by cat.





    Water absorption cluster test



If the water absorption of the cat litter is not good, the cat will get dirt everywhere on the cat's paws when the litter is buried. Imagine the cat's paws sticking to the dirt and running around at home...


In order to test its water absorption, we simulated the cat peeing scene, pour water into the cat litter, you can see that the cat litter quickly absorbs water and expands.




The cat litter quickly clumps up and scoops up directly and smoothly within 2 seconds And the clumps are tight and firm, and the whole piece is shoveled up with a light shovel, not sticky or scattered



In order to test the strength of the clumping, I flipped the cat litter a few times and it did not break. The clumping strength is still very good.





    Melt water test



Soluble in water is almost the mission of every tofu cat litter.


We threw the clumped cat litter directly into the experiment cup, and the cat litter was quickly dissolved without clogging and leaving no residue.



After stirring, the dissolved cat litter at the bottom has become a paste. The poop can be thrown directly into the toilet,One shovel and one flush, don’t worry about what kind of litter the cat litter belongs to.



Based on the above evaluation results, I think this cat litter is very good,the price is very close to the people, and cost-effective, but! Focus! but! Whether it's good or not, I can't just make the final decision. You are welcome to verify it yourself.





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